Services Overview

At JP Latz Advisors, we provide a flexible range of services for our clients:


Our team will conduct an evaluation of current financial practices and workflow and report on key observations, recommendations and solutions.

Part-Time CFO

We can help fill the gap, be a resource for you and deliver executive level financial and strategic expertise for only the hours needed.

Interim CFO

We frequently serve as Interim CFOs or Finance Directors during a search process. We are available to assist with screening permanent candidates from a technical perspective and will ensure that the day-to-day financial operations run smoothly during the transition.

CFO Consulting

We can enhance your finance team as needed, providing support for specific projects such as audit oversight, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and/or monthly reporting.

CFO Coaching

We can offer training and support in best practices to elevate your existing team.

Special Projects

We can step in on special projects such as financial modeling, accounting system fine tuning and investment due diligence.